Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2016 ReFoReMo Prize Drawing Winners

We’ve been hearing wonderful feedback about the education you received during ReFoReMo 2016 this year! Check out this glowing review:

What a great program you all have created!! I was a fellow in the National Writing project and although intense...this was right up there!! I can't tell you how much I learned about picture books,...the writing, the mentor notes, terminology, reading, reading, reading, and inspiration, which was amazing!! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication...because that's what it takes to do something this wonderful!!!”

So yes, ReFoReMo is a prize in itself!  We loved reading all of your grateful comments…thank you so much for taking the time to leave them for us! You are a wonderful family!

We are so excited to announce the prize drawing winners for the 2016 ReFoReMo Picture Book Challenge! (Be sure to read all the way to the end of the post. You'll find a surprise!)

Emma Walton Hamilton’s Editor in a Box Revision Kit (From Emma)
-Lauren Kerstein  

One copy of CAVEMAN A B.C. STORY (By Janee Trasler)

-Amanda Sincavage

One Copy of Rock-a-Bye Romp (By Linda Ashman)

-Terri Degezelle

One Copy of Henry Wants More (By Linda Ashman)

-MD Knabb

One Copy of All We Know (By Linda Ashman)

-Joanna Pastro

One copy of Mentor Texts for Writers E-book (By Marcie Flinchum Atkins)

-Mary Jo Wagner

-Sandra Jenkins 

One copy of I WISH YOU MORE (From Illustrator Tom Lichtenheld)

-Karen Brady 

One copy of Anne Whitford Paul's, Writing Picture Books (From Janie Reinart)
-Christie Allred

One copy of PENNY & JELLY: THE SCHOOL SHOW (By Maria Gianferrari)

-Megan Taraszkiewicz

One copy of Uninvited Guests (By Jen Swanson)

-Cecilia McCarthy 

One online course: Art of Arc (From Alayne Kay Christian)

-Ashley Dalin Bankhead

One Picture Book Critique each (From Matthew Winner)

-Angie Quantrell 

-Kimberly Marcus

-Lori Gravley

One Copy of What About Moose? (By Corey Rosen-Schwartz)

-Jena Benton 

One Copy of Think Big (By Liz Garton Scanlon)

-Rachel Hamby 

One Copy of Me with You (From Kristy Dempsey)

-Suzanne Poulter Harris

One Copy of Superhero Instruction Manual (By Kristy Dempsey)
-Rosie Pova 

One Self-Paced Course, The Hero's Art Journey (From Mira Reisberg)
-Holly Hall 

One Signed & Doodled Copy of Where Are My Books? (By Debbie Ridpath Ohi)
-Susan Zonca 

One Copy of Interstellar Cinderella (By Deborah Underwood)
-Sydney O’Neill 

One Copy of A ___ Can Be... Book, Winner's Choice (By Laura Purdie Salas)
-Rita Lorraine Hubbard 

One Sketch & Bookmark (from Russ Cox)
-Anita Banks

Thanks again to our author-educators for not only donating their time and expertise, but also this wide array of prizes!

And now, a prize for everyone!
As you may know, Carrie Charley Brown (your ReFoReMo Mama), offers fiction picture book critiques of 800 words or less. Carrie is offering fully registered ReFoReMo participants $25 off her critique services until April 15! Current prices and services are detailed HERE. To take advantage of this limited-time discount, contact Carrie HERE. Please mention ReFoReMo along with your picture book writing experience, and a pitch for your project, including word count.  Carrie will respond with availability and payment information. 

And one more!

Author-educator Alayne Kay Christian is offering a 25% discount on her course ART OF ARC: How to Analyze Your Picture Book Manuscript to the first 20 ReFoReMo members who contact her via her website. The deadline is April 12, 2016.  Be sure to mention ReFoReMo in your email. Alayne will contact you from there!

In fairness to ReFoReMo members who have already taken the course, Alayne is offering a 25% discount on a critique of any manuscript that has gone through the Art of Arc analysis process. This offer is for the first 5 people who contact her. The deadline is April 12, 2016. See contact info above.

More ReFoReMo education is on the way! We’ll now resume our weekly Tuesday schedule. Keep watch for an author interview next Tuesday.

(Oh, and if there are any Blogger peeps out there that have had this problem with spacing in the post, we'd love to know how to fix it! Thanks!)

Keep reading and researching!

Carrie & Kirsti
Your ReFoReMo Mamas



  1. Congratulations to the prize winners. And we're all winners, with ReFoReMo as the prize.

  2. Thanks so much for the wonderful book from Linda Ashman and for the entire community of ReFoReMo.

  3. Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks again to Carrie and Kirsti for another great ReFoReMo!!

  4. Congratulations to all the winners...and to ME, since I'm one of them, lol. Thanks to Carrie and the entire ReFoReMo community. You are a true gem and we appreciate you more than you know. :)

  5. Congratulations to all the winners! Great prizes.

  6. Congratulations to everyone, and gratitude and thanks to Alayne for her generosity of spirit and talent.

    1. And to Carrie, too (how could I forget!?!) for her guidance and continued cat-herding....

    2. I'm honored, Sue. Thanks for the mention.

  7. Congrats everyone!!!!! And, again, thank you to all the "givers!"
    Emily Johnsen

  8. What great prizes - thanks to those who are giving their time and work.

  9. So thrilled and excited for all the winners! Anita Jones said it so well: "...the writing, the mentor notes, terminology, reading, reading, reading, and inspiration, which was amazing!! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication...because that's what it takes to do something this wonderful!!!” You made us all winners :).

  10. By participating in REFOREMO I'm a winner-even if I didn't win! Thanks to all for their time and expertise!

  11. Congrats to the winners! Read on!

  12. Congrats to all the winners! And I agree -- we're all winners!

  13. Thank you for the wonderful prize, and for the bonus prizes for everyone :)

  14. Congrats to all the winners! Love the bonus surprises offered to everyone :) Thank you Carrie and Kirsti for a beautiful 2016 ReFoReMo!

  15. Congratulations, everyone (because everyone is a winner)! Thank you again, Carrie and Kristi. :)

  16. Congrats to all! And thanks, Carrie and Alayne for your generosity.

  17. Congrats to all winners and a HUGE, GIANT, ENORMOUS thank you to Carrie and Kirsti for ReFoReMo. It's truly amazing and beneficial!!!

  18. Congrats to all the winners! Wonderful month Carrie!

  19. Penny, since you are above me,I gather you have more success recently.Congratlations. I kust have signed the wrong blog earlier so here goes. As a past Kindergarten teacher, I wish books like the ones I read last month were availble 20 years ago. YOu really opened my eyes to the wonders of new writers to me and gorgrous presentations.I have had a great time taking notes that I hope will help meand I enjoyed the marvellous array of books you listed. I write a fair amount of NF stories about where we live and so books like Henry 's Freedom Box was right up my street.Thanks so much for all the blogs, the teaching and the fun of sharing.

    1. Jane,
      I'm sorry, but I can't take credit for opening your eyes to new writers, etc. That was all Carrie and Kirsti—the two who organize ReFoReMo. I agree...what a wonderful month of learning!
      Happy Writing!

  20. Congratulations to all! What a wonderful array of prizes.

  21. Carrie and Kristi,
    What a great month! I'm already using some of the PBs as mentor texts for myself and others in my critique group. Looking forward to next year already!

  22. Congratulations to all participants for their involvement in this challenge; and to those who won prizes! This challenge has been a rewarding experience that has helped shape my perspective and focus on writing for children.

  23. Yeah! I won a copy of Corey's book! It was one of my favorites during this experience. WHAT a rhyme scheme!! I'm in total awe!

  24. Congrats to all the winners, including everyone who learned a ton this month! You all are amazing, generous people! It's been terrific! Thank you!

  25. Congratulations to all the prize winners!

  26. Congratulations to everyone, including all of us who benefitted from ReFoReMo! Thank you to Carrie and all her team who generously gave of their time and expertise.

  27. I am so excited to be the winner of, Art of Arc from Alayne Kay Christian. Thank you for this wonderful prize, and for this wonderful challenge. ReFoReMo has been fantastic!

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