Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Revealing ReFoReMo Call for Submissions

We are so impressed with the hard work you have put into ReFoReMo.  Congratulations on your success! Your experiences need to be shared.  The Revealing ReFoReMo series is open to ReFoReMo participants who are interested in sharing the glory of mentor texts, research methods, specific revelations, or anything else related to your ReFoReMo experience. Submissions should be 600 words or less (including your 50 word or less bio) and attached as a .doc or .docx. For examples of past Revealing ReFoReMo posts, please feel free to scroll through many here or check out Chana Stiefel's post here on the new blog.

If your submission is chosen, you will also be asked for a jpeg headshot and any other .jpeg images and links you would like to feature.  To be considered for online publication at the ReFoReMo blog, please send your submission to Carrie or Kirsti.  We are excited to feature your experiences!


  1. Thanks, ReFo ladies, I am up for this! One of my studies during ReFoReMo focused on Charlesbridge and what I learned about writing style from studying this publisher.

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