Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Revealing ReFoReMo with Traci Bold

Traci Bold was an active participant during ReFoReMo 2016 and continues to participate in the Facebook group. We excited to have Traci share what she's learned from ReFoReMo!

Guest post by Traci Bold

I love the thrill of researching books.  For each of my works in progress, I enjoy finding mentor texts that show me what I'm missing.

During ReFoReMo 2016 I discovered...

1. The vast world of non-fiction.
I reference ‘Water is Water’ by Miranda Paul and “A Rock Can Be’ by Laura Purdie Salas frequently for bringing out the passion in my NF writing for nature. (Other highlights: Back Matter with: Marcie Flinchum Atkins; Non-Fiction with Laura Purdie Salas; Lively language/NF with Jen Swanson)

2. Books fall into different sub categories. I do not limit myself to just one. I let the book fall into place for its own merit. For example, I started writing a book about a majestic sequoia and what it endured through its lifetime. It was purely non-fiction. The idea came from using a Word of the Day selection and was inspired by reading Jason Chin’s ‘Redwoods. But as I rewrote the story, the non-fiction element remained and crossed into a fiction book. (Cross genres with Maria Gianferrari)

3. My love for words. Reading books I hadn’t yet read, especially the difficult subjects, deepened my love of words. There is a nuance to writing these, so I studied the subtle style and am using these mentor texts to help me with works of mine that are about uncomfortable topics.  (Uncomfortable topics with Tom Lichtenheld; Reader Experience with Debbie Ridpath Ohi)

4. The nuances of every page. 

5. The fun of researching and revising!

6. Others' comments on ReFoReMo posts bring fresh ideas and new perspective. 

7. I want my books to be like the guest posts;  succinct, powerful and always positive.

The kidlit community has a great camaraderie and support system and ReFoReMo is a wonderful part of it. I am humbled to be a part of it now too, even though I am not yet published (working on it J) So thank you Carrie and Kirsti for all that you do to support the #kidlit authors and illustrators and making us feel like we belong; you two rock!

Thanks so much for sharing, Traci! 

If you would also like to share your ReFoReMo experience, we welcome you to review our submission policy for the Revealing ReFoReMo series.

Traci bold lives in Wisconsin with her husband and two college daughters. She writes picture books and YA full time. She belongs to SCBWI, 12x12 Picture Book Challenge, and ReFoReMo. You can find her on Twitter @1967BoldWriter, Facebook-Traci Bold, Pinterest and her webpage- boldwriter67.wordpress.com. Ghost and animal/nature stories are her favorite to read and write.


  1. I have been off the grid the past two months due to deaths, weddings, travel, moving, and more. This morning, before I finally head home tomorrow and get back to "normal" life, I read a few blog posts for the first time in ages. What a surprise to see my name and book mentioned--a lovely surprise! Thanks, Traci, for a delightful post. I especially love your lesson #7.

    1. Your books are always a joy to read, Laura. I always learn from them and take away something to share. Glad we gave you a good surprise after a couple months of craziness. Wishing you all the best. Traci Bold @1967BoldWriter

  2. Thank you Carrie and Kirsti for the opportunity to share my ReFoReMo experience here. You two have created a wonderful tool for us kidlit writers and illustrators. I am looking forward to ReFoReMo 2017!

    1. Yay! Traci, thanks for your post!!!

    2. Thank YOU for sharing with us, Traci! We are happy to have you as part of the ReFoReMo community.

  3. Thank you, Traci, for this post about the importance of research to find what's missing in our own work. ReFoReMo is with me 24/7 :) Thank you Carrie and Kirsti!

  4. Good luck on your journey from pre to published writer, Traci! You're on the way!

    I love nature NF too so very much. I'm glad that you had fun crossing genres on your sequoia manuscript :). We visited Redwood National Park in Crescent City, CA in 2011. It was so majestic and I was full of awe at the beauty of the trees and the forest ecosystem--so lovely!

  5. Love your input on what reached out to you during ReFoReMo! It was a great month. Inspiring to see how it impacts you and your writing. Yay!