Tuesday, November 22, 2016

THINK QUICK with Author Tara Lazar

Hi Tara! I love your stories, and Normal Norman.  I love how this helps children understand how wonderful it is to be unique.  All of the THINK QUICK themes below appear in your book. Let’s see which way you lean. Remember, THINK QUICK!

On Junior Scientist Narrators:

Normal or Abnormal?


On Food:

Pizza or Bananas?

PIZZA. With Bananas Foster for dessert.

On stuffed animals:

Mr. Scruffles or Teddy Bear?

Mr. Scruffles.

On Pet names:

Wovey dovey or Pumpkin?

What, no Scruffle-di-poo?

On Animals:

Ape or Snake?

ANYTHING but a snake.

On Transportation:

Dual-rocket Jet Packs or Deep Sea Submersibles!

Jet pack submersibles.

On Disasters:

Cry and Give up or Cry and Persevere?

Cry and persevere. A common activity here.

On Normal Hobbies:

Music or Dancing?

Can't have dancing without music!

On Talking Purple Apes:

Ordinary or Extraordinary?


On Books:

Normal Norman or Normal Norman?

After this highly scientific survey, I think you can make an educated guess.

Thank you Tara!

Review by Kirsti Call

I adore this book! I find myself drawn to stories where being different is not only ok, but celebrated. Tara Lazar does an incredible job with Normal Norman. It's an extraordinary book filled with quirky humor, bright and lovely illustrations and a message of how powerful it is to be an individual. My kids and I love this book at our house and highly recommend it!

Street magic performer. Hog-calling champion. Award-winning ice sculptor. These are all things Tara Lazar has never been. Instead, she writes quirky, humorous picture books featuring magical places that everyone will want to visit. 

Her debut THE MONSTORE released in June 2013, with I THOUGHT THIS WAS A BEAR BOOK and LITTLE RED GLIDING HOOD following in 2015. NORMAL NORMAN made his entrance in March 2016 and you can stay up WAY PAST BEDTIME in April 2017. If you know the answer to "Why was 6 afraid of 7?" then you'll love her book 7 ATE 9, coming from Disney*Hyperion in June 2017.


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  3. I remember from my childhood cartoon called Normal Norman. Is it the same as your story? I've come across a lot of reviews on Buyessay.org on this story.

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  5. Often times, when someone thinks that he / she is unique, the assumption is that it is always a bad thing. It's very important that at a very young age, the kids should understand that being different isn't always a bad thing. Differences among people are normal, what's not is neglecting to accept the fact that there are things that we don't have in common with other people. I wish I can get a copy of that book, I’m sure a lot of values can be learned from it.