Tuesday, January 31, 2017

ReFoReMo Reviews

Our ReFoReMo presenters are always so generous to offer their time and perspectives each March.  There are lots of ways you can support other creatives. During ReFoReMo, you will be encouraged to analyze picture books. Writing book reviews will help you highlight all the wonderful writing and illustration techniques in each story. If you post your review publicly, that’s when your words support the makers behind them, too. It’s pretty cool to think that while you are helping a fellow creative, you are also benefitting yourself. As we begin our research journey, I hope you will take the time to read Helping Hands and What a Review Can Do for You.

I propose that we support our team of presenters by writing reviews of their books. Last year, we were lucky to have Liz Garton Scanlon as one of our presenters. Additionally, the work of Karma Wilson came highly recommended by several of our past presenters. I was pleased to see that each of them had amazing books on the way. BOB, NOT BOB! and DORMOUSE DREAMS release next month.

BOB, NOT BOB! by Liz Garton Scanlon and Audrey Vernick, Illustrated by Matthew Cordell
Releases February 14 from Disney Hyperion
Unless you have never been sick a day in your life, you likely know the horrible, no-good, stuffy head feeling of a bad cold. And what’s worse, it can make you sound like you're speaking into a tin can. Poor Louie is so stuffed up that no one can understand him, even his Mom. Even though he doesn’t usually need Mom’s help, he sure needs her now. But how could she know that? When he calls out for her in his congested voice, it sounds as if he is calling for his dog, “Bob!”
Liz Garton Scanlon and Audrey Vernick turn a frustrating illness into a hilarious and endearing story of human need. The brilliant illustration of Matthew Cordell capitalizes on disproportionate scale (larger head and smaller body.) Coupled with a scratchy line that communicates woe, Louie’s illness comes to a head.  Readers will not catch the sniffles from BOB, NOT BOB!  Instead, they will clear their heads with laughter as they dramatize this fun read-aloud.

Releases February 7 from Disney Hyperion 
Dormouse dreams through the cold, snowy day, dreaming warm, sunny thoughts of the times he will play. No plunk or plop or chitter will stop his peaceful dreams while his friends do not. Although my rhymes cannot touch the genius of Karma Wilson’s lyrical literary universe, I love that she inspired me to play with rhyme, too. One can only assume that she will inspire the same in her young readers.  Karma’s gentle rhyming slumber is accompanied by Renata Liwska’s peaceful, soft forest creatures in pastel tones and wispy brush strokes. Parents and children will consider this a warm snuggly bedtime book on cold wintry nights. It’s a bonus that we subtly learn about dormouse hibernation.  A book that leaves you in thought is a special find and this one prompted me to research the dormouse.

*Thank you Disney Hyperion for providing review copies of these books. *

I hope you will seek out these wonderful mentor texts as soon as they release. In the meantime, how about getting a head start with some of our upcoming presenters’ books? You will find the updated calendar here with a new revelation on March 1! Can you believe how lucky we are?! 

It’s not too late to enter the sharing contest giveaway. Go forth and share! Our contest is open until February 6th. ReFoReMo registration opens February 15. Details coming soon!  

Which book will you review first?


  1. I discovered ReFoReMo last year and it opened my eyes to what I had been missing when I read picture books. I learned a new way to look at them which has helped me with my writing them. As I finished each book on the list, I wrote a review for them on Goodreads and then later went back and wrote one as well for them on Amazon. I am happy to continue that tradition this year and every time I read another book. :) Cannot wait to get the list for this year. !

  2. So glad to hear that it has helped your writing grow! Which ReFoReMo presenter review will you write first?

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