Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Are You Ready for ReFoReMo 2017?

By Carrie Charley Brown & Kirsti Call

To share or not to share? It’s ReFoReMo time, so of course that answer is: SHARE! That’s why we’ve come together this month.  It’s all about the reading and research that goes into the craft of writing.  Learning how authors, illustrators, educators, and publishing professionals have successfully used picture books as mentor texts can help us try new things, too. We encourage you to rely on each other.

The following will help you navigate this experience with more success:

1.     A Library Card
As a picture book enthusiasts, we know how tempting it is to buy everything we read. (Of course, you are welcome to buy as many of the recommendations you desire.) But, the library’s online reserve system is super handy and your kids’ library cards can serve as great back-ups when you’ve maxed out yours. Then again, you might break out your pretzel-style legs and plop down to read in the children’s section of your local book store.

2.     Our Reading List
Just like any recommended reading list, it is subjective. You may find that some of the books have nothing to do with your writing style. You may disagree with a recommendation.  You may find some books recommended by multiple authors and even similar learning tips. Ultimately, you must decide what works for you.  You know the projects that you have on your table and we applaud your efforts to find a pile of picture books that will enhance each one.

We’ll be adding titles to our reading list as they come in from our presenters. You will find the list HERE.

3.     An Open Mind 
      This allows you to learn from new perspectives. 

      This is where you'll find education, recommendations, and new perspectives. Challenge posts run daily from February 27- March 31, 2017. After that, we resume our weekly schedule.

5.     A Pencil/Notebook or a Computer
Simply put, you’ll want a place to take notes. Visit our resource section to find additional ways to enhance note taking.

6.     Our Facebook Group
This will allow you to share what you discover as you read or locate hard to find books.

As with any large challenge, there is bound to be a few technical glitches. If you received this post in your email inbox, you did well! If you still don't see your name on the registration post, please give it some time. The system is catching up with itself. We can see a lot of names on the back side of the site, so breathe easy. Thank you for being patient with us. 

Get ready for a great month of learning!  ReFoReMo 2017 starts on February 27. Our schedule can be found here.

We’re happy to have you with us! 


  1. So excited! Thank you, Carrie and Kirsti!

  2. Alice Fulgione
    Thanks so much, Carrie and Kristi!

  3. Squeal. I'm so excited to see so many new to me titles on the lists plus so many old favorites. I can't wait to get started!!

  4. Eagerly awaiting confirmation that my order of books is at the library ready for pick -up!

  5. Looking forward to participating this year!

  6. My kids are THRILLED with the plethora of books moving through our house!

  7. Reading PBs from the reading list rather than watching TV in the evening! ♥ Making this a habit!

  8. I am unprepared this year, but I'm jumping in anyway! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  9. Well, I thought I had entered, but I believe I failed to do the proper paperwork! I'm here and I'm excited...a few days late, but excited!!

  10. I could swear I left a comment before but it looks like not. Weird.

  11. There's nothing like a challenge to make you knuckle down and focus.