Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ReFoReMo Prize Housekeeping

It has come to our attention that the ReFoReMo Prize Announcement Post did not deliver via our email notification system. We sincerely apologize. You will find the prize post HERE. It features something for everyone! We hope you'll give it a read and show your support. We are all winners!


Carrie & Kirsti

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

ReFoReMo 2017 Bonus Winners & Call for Submissions

After the challenge is over each year, we delight in hearing how ReFoReMo has helped you grow as writers, illustrators, and educators.  Words like these inspire us to keep going:

Kristen Browing says:
"I have loved studying the language in the mentor texts. It is so inspiring to read beautiful writing. It has also been wonderful to read books that I probably would not have selected on my own and to read biographies of people with whom I was not familiar. This challenge really does expand my horizons and makes me want to work harder to be a better writer. Thanks for everything. Although I actually kept up with the reading/commenting this year, I appreciate your giving us extra time at the end here, if we needed it. Can't wait to do it again next year!"

Natalie Lynn Tanner says:
"REFOREMO LADIES: What didn't I learn? What posts didn't teach me? What books didn't speak directly to me? How was I not inspired and encouraged with my own writing? EVERYTHING, EVERY BOOK, EVERY POST taught me invaluable lessons TOO NUMEROUS to count! The month of ReFoReMo might be over, but what I am taking away from it will continue to be with me, inspiring me and guiding my pen! THANK YOU for SUCH AN AMAZINGLY INSPIRING JOURNEY! Whether or not I win one of the AWESOME prizes the presenters have SO GENEROUSLY donated, I am walking away a WINNER with ALL I have learned and the NUMEROUS ways I have grown as a writer, reader, and researcher! THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!!"

If you are shaking your head in agreement, we'd love to hear your deeper revelations in the form of a blog post. Every year, we sponsor a series on the blog called Revealing ReFoReMo. It is open to ReFoReMo participants who are interested in sharing the glory of mentor texts, research methods, specific revelations, or anything else related to your ReFoReMo experience. Submissions should be 600 words or less (including your 50 word or less bio) and attached as a .doc or .docx.  If your submission is chosen, you will also be asked for a jpeg headshot and any other .jpeg images you would like to feature.  To be considered for online publication at the ReFoReMo blog, please send your submission to Carrie and Kirsti.  

Here are a few great examples from this series:
Author Sue Ganz-Schmitt
Poet Lori Gravely
And a whole slew more on the first ReFoReMo blogsite!

We are excited to feature your experiences!

ReFoReMo in and of itself is a prize. We are so thankful for our dedicated ReFoReMo 2017 Team! The varied perspectives and stellar recommendations help us see picture books from many angles.

The prize drawing winners for the 2017 ReFoReMo Picture Book Challenge are as follows: 
(Be sure to read all the way to the end of the post. You'll find a surprise!)

Two winners of the Mentor Texts for Writers eBooks from Marcie Flinchum Atkins

-Kay Slowey-Sly-    -Ree Augustine-

Thirty Minute Skype Session with Matthew Winner
-Heather Stigall-

One Copy of Arnie the Doughnut or We Are Growing! by Laurie Keller
-Therese Nagi-   

Winners Choice: Book or Critique from Heidi Stemple
 -Angie Quantrell-

Picture Book Quick Look Critique from Carrie Charley Brown
  -Kim Ball-

Two Winners of Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code from Meredith Mundy
-Charlotte Dixon-   -Jodi McKay- 

William Hoy Story & Teacher’s Guide from Nancy Churnin
-Linda Kulp Trout-

One Signed Copy of Turkey book from Wendi Silvano
-Susie Sawyer-

One Signed Copy If I Had a Little Dream from Nina Laden
-Nicki Jacobsmeyer-

One Signed Copy of The Raindrop Who Couldn’t Fall from Kirsti Call
-Frances Moshos Kalavritinos-

One Copy of May I Have a Word? from Caron Levis
-Traci Bold-

One Copy of Mr. McGinty’s Monarchs from Linda Vander Heyden
-Joana Pastro-

One Signed Copy of Antoinette from Kelly DiPucchio
-Elizabeth Curry-

Picture Book Critique or Query Letter Critique from Katey Howes
-Susan Bruck-

Thirty Minute Query Improvement Phone Consultation from Danielle Smith
-Alice Fulgione-

Picture Book Critique from Vivian Kirkfield
-Robin Keeler-

One Copy of Plants Can’t Sit Still from Rebecca Hirsch
-Dee Knabb-

One Copy of Laundry Day, plus Poster/Bookmarks from Jessixa Bagley
-Lauri Meyers-

Winner’s Choice of Course: Hero’s Art Journey, Scrivener (course), or Writing Wonderful Character-Driven Picture Books from Mira Reisberg
-Artemis Roehrig-

Pacing Picture Books class from Jodell Sadler
-Stephanie Gray-

One Copy of Reading PB with Children from Yolanda Scott
-Lynne Marie-

Winners will be notified by email to coordinate prize delivery. Thanks again to our presenters for their time and expertise, as well as these bonus prize donations!

I delight in helping writers grow and have been offering fiction picture book manuscript critiques professionally for the last three years. As a special bonus to you, I am offering ReFoReMo participants $25 off critique services if reserved before April 30. The critiques will run as far out as my calendar allows. Current prices and services are detailed HERE. To take advantage of this limited-time discount, contact Carrie HERE. Please mention your participation in ReFoReMo along with your picture book writing experience/training, and a pitch for your project, including word count.  I will respond with availability and payment information. 

For the remainder of the year, we are ReFoRe...Reading for Research. After a two week blog break, your blog posts will come every Tuesday. There will be plenty of recommendations and perspectives throughout the month. This will include author studies, Revealing ReFoReMo, featured picture books, and a monthly challenge element to study. We hope you will continue on your research path. There's always more to learn!  

Congratulations on your participation!

Carrie & Kirsti