Tuesday, May 16, 2017

On the Punny Side of the Street Challenge

By Janie Reinart

Have you ever written a funny story? (Oops! Autocorrect.)

A puny story? (Autocorrect again.)

A punny story? Word play can make us laugh out loud.

Story, pictures, and bad grammar by Cece Bell

"I YAM a donkey," says the donkey to the Yam

"The proper way to say that is 'I AM a donkey.'"

"You is a donkey too?"

And so the wordplay begins while the story ends with a "dark and deeply funny ending."

A punny show and tell by Alan Katz

The teacher announces indoor recess.

Show and tell doesn't turn out like the teacher and class expected. 

The page turns show great timing.

"That stinks!" exclaimed Jimmy.
 The class gasped. (Page turn.)
"It's my pet skunk, Harry! He really stinks!"

"Aw,nuts!" said Susie. (Page turn.)
"Pecans, almonds, and walnuts. Yum!"

And then the principal come in. 

By Jeff Mack

 The story starts when a little boy asks his dad why he always reads him Mother Goose before he goes to sleep. 

"Well...it all started when I found a duck in the fridge," says the dad.

The mayhem continues with ducks all over the house. Then the ducks order out for pizza.  When asked ,"Who's going to pay for all of this?" 

The answer is simple.One of the ducks says," Put it on my bill."

Then the father as a boy invites sheep to get rid of the ducks, dogs to get rid of the sheep and so on.  He finally figures out an idea to get all the animals to get to sleep. Can you guess what it is? More puns ensue. 

by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen                                                                                                                               

One morning a fairy appeared. There is a lot of kissing going on in this story after the fairy delivers her message.

"Your Highness", she said bowing in front of Eldon. "I'm Fairy Miranda, here to help you break the spell."


"The Hog Prince Spell. When you kiss your true love, you will be changed into a prince."

Meanwhile, Miranda muttered,"Was it a hog prince or a dog prince? Or was it a frog prince...? And POOF she disappeared. 

Try your hand at writing a punny story. Remember seven days with out a pun makes one weak.

Tell us your favorite picture books with puns and word play in the comments.


  1. What a fun post! Now I have to add those books to my pile. Thanks, Janie.

    1. I want to write a laugh out loud story😊

  2. I love punny books! :) Thanks for the post, Janie.

  3. LOL-Love these examples of punny, Janie :) My fav is already mentioned, I YAM A DONKEY! I wish I could do the punny.

    1. Charlotte we may have to collaborate 😊

  4. Not sure if this counts as a pun, but it definitely falls under the wordplay category: BOB, NOT BOB! So fun when little listeners figure out the joke!

    1. That book makes me laugh πŸ˜„ Just trying to read it out loud is hysterical.

  5. Our family lives for puns....at breakfast, lunch, and dinner...and before bedtime. I have been accused of putting too many puns into a story, but I can't help myself. Totally self-entertaining.

    1. Jilanne that is awesome sauce. What's your favorite pun?

  6. I love this, Janie. Some of my favorite picture books are based on a punny joke! I love 7 ate 9!

    1. Kirsti,
      Perfect book to share with my granddaughter. She is turning eight years old and just starting to use puns😊

  7. I was just going to suggest 7 Ate 9 by Tara Lazar, but I see Kirsti has also suggested it. It truly is full of puns and clever in every way! A review for you: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2006329741

    1. I wanted to include, but had to make my deadline πŸ˜„