Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Creep Crawly Challenge

                                         By Janie Reinart

Creepy crawlies are kid favorites. Just listen to this rendition of The Itsy-bitsy Spider.  Have you tried writing about a bug, spider, or other insect?

By Bethany Barton

Bethany is author/illustrator and the text is full of humor. Her amazing art starts on the end pages. 

"I'm gonna try really hard to like this spider right here. Maybe if I study him for a while...
I think it's working
AHHHHHH!! It's moving!!
Squish it!!
Squish it!!
Squish it!!
That didn't work out. 
But next time will be better."

By Carson Ellis

How about a new buggie language? My five year old grandson loves to make up the conversation when he "reads" the story.  Every time I look at the artwork, I find something new. There is a spider in this story too!

"Du iz tak?
Ma ebadow unk plonk.
Du kimma plonk?
Ma nazoot."

By Sheri Mabry Bestor

This story starts with the gorgeous end pages. Layered text adds more information about this insect. Onomatopoeia in different fonts adds to the fun of the story. Did you know that some species of waking stick are able to change color with light or temperature?


"Tiny eggs fall to the ground, like a slow rain on an autumn day. Leaves float on the breeze and hide the eggs. The woods are covered in a blanket of white. Underground, buried deep, the eggs are safe."

Your challenge is to write a story, fiction or nonfiction, about a creepy-crawly. You might just learn to love them. Leave your favorite buggy books in the comments.

Here is another idea to get you going.

My bright color warns-I taste terrible.
My black spots fade with age.
Don't call me mister!
Who Am I?

Did you guess?


  1. My fav is your bug band story! Fun videos!

    1. I remember your big bug band story, Janie! Love your videos. That itsy bitsy spider chorus line looks like they've got enough energy to climb the waterspout, themselves.

      I've written one firefly story, but I think the market is saturated with those, so it's sitting in a drawer waiting to be turned into something else or to be made into an unusual firefly story. Not sure how to do that, yet. Maybe some day I'll figure that out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Though I know it's your granddaughter, the last picture could easily have been you as child. Cutest ladybug!

  3. Love the videos, Janie :) Your granddaughter is the perfect lady bug!

  4. Bugs are one of my favorite topics. They are all around us, but most people know so little about them. Cute videos.

    1. Thanks , David. Do you have a PB ms about bugs?

  5. Let's try to think of all the bug books out there besides the Ladybug Girl series, beetles, sowbugs,ants, centipedes, millipedes, bees, hornets, wasps, june bugs, weevil;s, dung beetles, weevils, water skaters, corn worms, spider mites, ewww, now I itch all over.

  6. Fun post, Janie! I started a mentor text buggy brainstorm thread in our FB group, too!

  7. Agree, kids love bugs! You reminded me about a creepy crawly ms I started way back when and put in the drawer. Challenge accepted. Cutest ladybug ever!

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