Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

Happy summer to our entire ReFoReMo family!

Now that summer is in full swing, it's time to think about books for the fall! The Teacher's Pet, by Anica Mrose Rissi, and Zachariah Ohora and Fall is for School by Robert Neubecker are both incredible back to school books.  

The Teacher's Pet will evoke discussion about science experiments gone awry, and what really happens in the classroom.  The idea of an inappropriate classroom pet is hilarious. This book is filled with surprises in the text and the colorful illustrations enhance the fun of the story. The title is a clever word play that makes perfect sense, yet will make parents chuckle. I especially love the diverse cast of children, animals, and of course, the oblivious adult. I love how the kids are the characters in the book that understand the truth of the situation and know how to deal with it, whereas the teacher is absolutley clueless. People of every age will love this rollicking read aloud.

Fall is for School does a great job of showing a conversation between a sister who is excited about school, and a brother who is not! Periodically, the rhyming text is appropriately interrupted by the brother which adds to the humor of the story. For example: 

Recess is for playing games:
We'll run and jump and climb!
Let's go right now and join the fun.
You really must not whine!


The illustrations are darling, using a fall palette that helps us get excited for the upcoming school year.   The endpapers feature a tree at different seasons, and different colored texts show us who is talking.  As the sister eventually gets her brother excited about school, the illustrations show the kids' imaginations coming to life.  

This story will resonate with all types of children and learners and may even help the un-enthusiastic kids laugh about their trepidation, and process how they're feeling.   

Each of these stories is a great way to get excited about and prepared for a new school year!

What are you favorite back to school books?


  1. Ooh, these both sound great! I must look for them. Thanks Kirsti Call and ReFoReMo! Happy 4th! :)

  2. School's First Day of School is delightful. I must add these to my list of books about school. :)

  3. Can you believe it's time for fall books? Still sweating to the triple-digits! LOL. I've always loved call books, and these two look like good additions. Thanks!

  4. Happy 4th, Carrie. Thank you for the heads up on two books for fall!

  5. Both of these books are great for children. Good choice. Happy 4th of July! Thanks for talking about the books and sharing them with us!