Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Top 3 Picture Books of 2017

I've read 316 picture books in the last two months.  Being a Cybil's judge is kind of like the ReFoReMo challenge.  I'm absorbing so many books into my life that I'm starting to think in picture book text.  

"The laundry stared at Kirsti.  
The dishes glared. 
But she couldn't escape the books!"  

Here are my top 3 picture books of 2017.  

I love this fractured nursery rhyme. What happened to Humpty Dumpty after he fell? What an intriguing premise! 

Powerful and moving, this book is one that will resonate with everyone who has ever felt anxious. I love how this story shows the impact that one event in your life can have. The illustrations are lovely and enhance the text. Humpty Dumpty overcomes his anxiety and not only survives, but thrives! This is a theme and a message that everyone needs. 

One of my favorite lines is: "Unfortunately, accidents happen...they always do." 

Knowing that accidents will happen and learning how to approach them when they do happen is part of growing up. As a therapist, I feel like this is the perfect bibliotherapeutic book for children and adults alike. It evokes discussion about fear, bravery, control, flexibility and becoming who we want to be. 

And maybe, just maybe a book like this will bring us to heights we can only imagine.

Best. Cinderella. Story. Ever. I'm a huge fan of Corey Rosen Schwartz's books and this one may be her best book yet. Filled with witty language and fun fractions, this story will make you laugh out loud! 

It starts with:

"Once upon a wicked time,
Two sisters were mistreated
Given lengthy lists of chores 
That had to be completed."

The synergy of the rhyme and illustrations create a whimsical masterpiece. My kids and I especially enjoyed the "fractioned" part of the tale where Cinderella and her twin split all the chores: 

"Half the folding, half the mending, half the mean step-sister tending." Ha! 
I adore the twist ending, and how Cinderella and Tinderella work together to get their "happily ever after".

Barnaby Never Forgets, by Pierre Collet-Derby

Barnaby Never Forgets is a delightful story that treats forgetfulness with humor. The very first lines make us want to turn the page:

"Oh Boy! Where did I put my glasses? I'm going to be late for school...again!"

Since the story is told from Barnaby's point of view, we know what he thinks and chuckle as the illustrations tell an entirely different story. The synergy of the art and text make for the perfect read aloud! 

At first I was disappointed at the last thing that Barnaby remembers (or forgets, depending on how you look at it). It reminded me so much of Shell Silverstein's poem that it felt like a cop out. But then I turned the page. Wow! I laughed out loud--this story is definitely fresh, with a fun hook. My house is full of people with executive functioning issues, and this was a good way to process some of the things that my kids do that are similar to Barnaby.

What are you favorite picture books of 2017?


  1. There are so many many great books! I loved BEST FRINTS IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE and STICK AND STONE and THE SOUND OF SILENCE and...I could never choose my favorite I guess! My list goes on and on. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

    1. Those ones are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Great post, Kirsti! These all sound like fun books. Thanks for sharing. There are so many fabulous books out there. Some of my favorites are THE BOOK OF MISTAKES, WE'RE ALL WONDERS, and THE GREEN UMBRELLA.

    1. I love the book of mistakes and the green umbrella. I haven't read We're All Wonders yet...thanks for the recommendation.

  3. "After the Fall" is my top pick. "Nerdy Bird Tweets" is possibly my second favorite. And, oh my, "Cricket in the Thicket," for poetry. "Good Night, Baddies" for a bedtime book. "Introducing Teddy," for a tender tale about gender awareness..."Love, Triangel," for an engaging, entertaining, and geometric story about friendship. I could go on and on....

    1. I need to read Nerdy Bird Tweets! Thanks for the recommendations. I love all the others you mentioned too.

  4. I hadn't read two of them. Just ordered them from the library. I always appreciate your book suggestions!

  5. Love your picks Kirsti! I haven't read Barnaby Never Forgets, thanks for sharing, sounds hilarious.

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