Tuesday, January 30, 2018

ReFoReMo 2018 Presenters Revealed!

We are always honored that so many educated, experienced literary professionals are willing to come together each March for the ReFoReMo Challenge! With registration less than three weeks away, we roll out the red carpet for our fourth annual presenters...

The 2018 Team of Presenters 
Registration opens on February 19!

The ReFoReMo Challenge, or Reading for Research Month Challenge, was founded in 2015 to help picture book writers reform writing by reading and researching mentor texts in the month of March.  We believe it is necessary to read a wide variety of picture books to truly understand the form, the market, and the craft of writing them. 

The goal of ReFoReMo is to build reading background while learning how to use mentor texts. We welcome classrooms, educators, writers, illustrators, and publishing professionals to learn with us. After reading the daily online posts, participants will read picture books and apply the things they learn to their own writing. In the month of March, the big goal will be to read on a daily basis. Emphasis will be on quality research rather than quantity. Consistency is key!  Approximately 120 picture books will be recommended for perspectives connected to different elements of writing. Some writers will want to spend more time with certain books than others while researching. We encourage writers to go beyond our list of recommendations to find mentor texts that appeal to your personal projects.

As we gear up with excitement, we invite you to spread the word and extend an invitation to all writers. The bigger the buzz, the more we will inspire. Together we can transform our writing through ReFoReMo.  That's a great thing to share!

You may want to include the following when you share on Social Media:

When sharing on Twitter, you might choose to use our hashtag #ReFoReMo and tag us @carriebrowntx and @kirsticall. (On Facebook, we are Carrie Charley Brown and Kirstine Erekson Call.) This allows us to reshare your share. Take a look at our presenters and list and them, as well. Use the URL from this post by clicking on the title and copying it into your share. That will lead a fellow knowledge seeker to find out what it's all abut.

Feel free to say whatever you like, drawing on your past experience with our challenge. Or, use an example from below:

PB writers! #ReFoReMo 2018 presenters revealed! Sign up for updates. @carriebrowntx @kirsticall http://bit.ly/2EoYd1j

Presenters  (insert tags) ready to rock #ReFoReMo! @carriebrowntx @kirsticall http://bit.ly/2EoYd1j

PB writers from beginner to multi-published need to read #picturebooks!  #ReFoReMo is coming! @carriebrowntx @kirsticall http://bit.ly/2EoYd1j

Does your classroom know about #ReFoReMo 2018? Spread the word! @carriebrowntx @kirsticall http://bit.ly/2EoYd1j

Presenters revealed for #ReFoReMo 2018! C'mon PB #writers #authors #teachers! @carriebrowntx @kirsticall 

We are excited to read and research with you this March! Are you pumped?


  1. WOW! What a lineup! And how lucky we are in this incredible kid lit community. Storystorm is just winding down...and now we have #ReFoReMo to look forward to! Thank you so much, Carrie and Kristi...I am super excited!

    1. Thanks, Vivian! It comes around like clockwork every year. :) We are excited, too!

  2. Hmm. I am having problems commenting! Poof. It's gone. Well, YAY! Looking forward to ReFoReMo!

  3. Terrific line-up! Looking forward to March & #ReFoReMo!

  4. Fabulous line-up!!! Can't wait for ReFoReMo 2018!!!

  5. Looking great for March! Ready to read and roll! Thanks for all your hard work on ReFoReMo!

  6. Such a great line-up!!! Looking forward to it!

  7. I'm looking forward to taking part again this year. Thank you Carrie and Kristi!

  8. So looking forward to this. Always the best way to spend March! Love your list of presenters. Thanks for doing this!

  9. Great looking line-up! Let the sharing and learning begin. Carole Calladine

  10. Very excited to join in!! Thank you for helping us with productivity through ReFoReMo!!