Tuesday, January 9, 2018

THINK QUICK with Author Katey Howes

Hi Katey!  I love how Magnolia Mudd and the Super-Jumptastic Launcher Deluxe shows kids the fun of inventing and being your own person.  Thanks for visiting ReFoReMo! 

Let's see which way you lean. Remember, THINK QUICK!

On inventions:
Superfluous or Super-jumptastic?

Super-jumptastic, of course! I love that there’s more than one solution to any problem – and while a  simple solution might be most efficient, it’s rarely the most fun!

On bachelor uncles:
Fun or Boring?

Fun. Sometimes too much fun.

On creativity:
Flowing or Fits and Spurts?

I have to admit, I’m a Fits and Spurts writer. But when it’s on, watch out! Creativity all over the place. Kind of like Magnolia’s henna tattoo machine…

On launchers:
Dangerous or Essential?

*With proper safety precautions!

On opposites:
Attract or Repel?

Attract. Magnets, subatomic particles and friendships all stick together better when opposites are involved. 

On science:
Love it or Leave it?

Love it, obviously! I’m especially fascinated by physics, biology, neuroscience and space exploration.  

On weddings:
Exciting or Stressful?

Stressful – I’m not a fan of crowds OR high heels.

On wedding traditions:
Essential or Extra?

Essential –especially when you put your own twist on them.

On problem solving:
A fun puzzle or a frazzling predicament?

Fun puzzle! I love a Rubic’s cube or puzzle book – but put me in an Escape Room and I stress out.

On mud:
 Throw it in the laundry or make it into pies?

Pies! And mud volcanoes and mudball fights.
(Followed by lots and lots of laundry.)

On books:
Magnolia Mudd and the Super Jumptastic Launcher Deluxe or
Magnolia Mudd and the Super Jumptastic Launcher Deluxe?

Great choices! Anything with a feisty protagonist, a loving family, and a lot of laughs will do for me.

Thank you, Katey!  

Review by Kirsti Call

Magnolia Mudd loves to create and invent--and she has an incredible Uncle Jamie who experiments with her weekly. My kids have an incredible Uncle Jamie that they adore, so this story resonated with us from the start. 

I love this book on so many levels. Magnolia is an endearing girl who loves science and isn't afraid to be herself. Uncle Jamie is the kind of Uncle who encourages her to solve her own problems and experiment. Although Magnolia doesn't like Uncle Jamie's fiance, she accidentally finds something she has in common with her and realizes that we can't really judge someone until we know them. Themes of family, love, STEM, creativity, being ok with our differences, and problem solving make this the kind of book that will evoke discussion with your kids. And the bright and emotive illustrations only add to a zany and re-readable story! This book is filled with humor and heart. LOVE.

Katey Howes is the author of GRANDMOTHER THORN and MAGNOLIA MUDD AND THE SUPER JUMPTASTIC LAUNCHER DELUXE. Katey loves physics and biology, reads everything from classic children’s lit to modern neuroscience, and has strong opinions about commas. A former physical therapist specializing in brain injury, Katey now divides her time between writing and raising kids with a love of books. Katey is a team member at All the Wonders and contributor to websites like The Nerdy Bookclub, STEAMpowered Family, and Multicultural Parenting. You can often find Katey in her basement, where there is a small office, a large castle, and a medium-sized trebuchet. Or find her online at www.kateyhowes.com


  1. Congrats, Katey, on your newest book.

  2. Can't wait to read this in the flesh and see how how the story has changed! And to see the illustrations with it will be a new dimension, too! Congratulations, Katey!

  3. Congrats, Katey! Can't wait to read your book!!

  4. Congrats, Katey! I'm looking forward to reading your book :)

  5. Congrats! As a former engineer and mom to a tinkering son, I'm familiar with things like trebuchets, rocket launchers, and all things explosive. Looking forward to reading your book!

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  7. Congratulations! I love mud and cannot wait to read your book.

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