Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What Can You Learn From ReFoReMo?

The ReFoReMo Challenge begins on March 1. Are you wondering what you can get out of ReFoReMo?  We asked our ReFoReMo family to tell us what they've learned from past years of participation. Here's what they said:

Angie Quantrell: "What I really love about ReFoReMo is the opportunity to read new and fabulous books! I love that each grouping of books comes complete with thoughtful and engaging posts that help me read, write, and edit my own manuscripts with more purpose and clarity. ReFoReMo is a win-win-win event!"
Susan Karunama Twiggs: "ReFoReMo has shown me the types of PB to choose from and what the new trends are in publishing. It has given me a large baseline of books and authors that I’m familiar with. It is a pleasure to submerge myself in stacks of picture books.I should add that the daily posts are very helpful and at times humorous. Much needed as a pre-published author!"
Nina R Johnson: "The challenge inspires me to keep writing in the forefront. It causes me to think in terms of writing in all I do and everywhere I look".
Sharon Coffeys: "Mentor texts are a valuable tool in every writer’s toolbox. Which mentor texts fit your theme or story? ReFoReMo makes it easy. Informative posts are chock full of titles that are wonderful examples of themes/subject matter/voice/POV/ language ranging from fiction to nonfiction. It has helped me find the best mentor texts out there without having to do all the footwork myself. It’s your one stop mentor text headquarters".
Charlotte Dixon: "ReFoReMo has introduced me to books which take me to finding other books. I feel like it opened a door that never closes. Ideas spring from these mentor texts. My research skills have improved as well as my writing. I thank the ReFoReMo team for making each year a turning point in my writing journey".
Nadine Gamble: "The guest perspectives have helped me look at books through different eyes and gives me a great start for reaching my yearly goal of 500 picture books".
Rita Lorraine Hubbard: "The ReFoReMo challenge is amazing. The first year I did it was like jumping into the deep end of the pool without realizing just how deep the water really was. I felt overwhelmed and completely exhausted--but only for a moment. As the days progressed, I found myself picking up the pace and rushing to the library to check out more and more amazing books. I began to LOVE the daily posts and getting the scoop from other writers on how they solve their writing challenges, how they use mentor texts, and which books they recommend. Some of the books I had never heard of, and I was truly thankful to have been alerted to them. They made all the difference to what I was doing. Now I don't even think of writing a new manuscript without jotting down a list of mentor texts to check out. Guess you can tell I love ReFoReMo."
Registration for the 2018 ReFoReMo challenge begins on February 19th.   We can’t wait to read and research together!

What do you hope to get from ReFoReMo this year?


  1. I can't wait for March to get here! But I will settle for February 19th when we can register and start collecting our stacks of books. In advance, thanks for the excitement and learning to come!

  2. I can't wait for March 1st! I'm looking forward to gathering new ideas from my research. Thank you Carrie and Kirsti :)

  3. In the past I have mostly written quirky, comic pieces, but I keep coming up with more serious, softer, lyrical ideas, and I look forward to seeing how others put those stories down on the page.

  4. Looking forward to another year of learning by reading.

  5. I can't wait! Have the books suggested for REFOREMO18 been listed? Where could I find the list?

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