Tuesday, April 10, 2018

ReFoReMo 2018 Bonus Winners & Final Submission Call

Over the years, we have shared our mentor text knowledge and practices. We have modeled how to dig deeper into the perspectives and mentor texts that are shared on our blog. While one can learn a lot simply by reading mentor texts, that is not what we are about. A regular reading habit is healthy, but our title suggests more. Reading for RESEARCH. When a presenter introduces an element, no matter how brief, we must open our eyes to that perspective and search for it, dissect it, and analyze alternate angles. Are you digging deep?
When you looked at Jenna Pocius's post, did you isolate the words "awareness, empathy, understanding" or "embrace diversity" when you researched? Each of these qualities presented new isolated ways to research the texts through multiple reads. When you read Andrea J. Loney's post, did you follow the "story" elements of each biography? Not all biographies do this. Did you compare and contrast the suggested mentor texts to other biographies that simply present facts?  When you read Baptiste Paul's post, did you interpret "words and word combinations" as you researched the recommendations? Did you look at how those word choices influenced the theme? You will get the most out of your reading experience if you look beyond what you favor and put yourself in the new perspective's shoes. It takes an open mind and a strong desire to absorb new knowledge.

Reading so many books in such a short period of time may not allow you enough time to dig as deep as you might like. What you received was a head start for a new research habit. Your new challenge over the next few weeks is to reexamine the mentor texts from new angles. Whether you brushed the surface or submerged yourself in each mentor text, you are a winner! We hope you know that, and also that you will continue to win big by researching deeper.

And now, our bonus winners! As you know, the 2018 team offered various prizes throughout the month. The drawing results are in and the winners have been emailed.

Congratulations to...

Mary Worley and Stephen Martin
Winners of Marcie Flinchum Atkins Mentor Texts for Writers eBook

Megan Whitaker
Winner of a 30 minute Skype with Matthew Winner

Jilanne Hoffmann
Winner of a 15-30 minute Skype with Baptiste Paul

Kristen Browning
Winner of You Nest Here with Me (by Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple) from Heidi Stemple

Allison Alley
Winner of a cover letter of pitch critique from Keila Dawson

Gail Hartman
Winner of The Raindrop Who Couldn't Fall by and from Kirsti Call

Carol Gordon Ekster
Winner of One Plastic Bag (by Miranda Paul) from Carrie Charley Brown

Moni Ritchie
Winner of Pick a Pine Tree by and from Patricia Toht

Pam Jones-Nill
Winner of I Have a Balloon by and from Ariel Berstein

Susan Johnston Taylor
Winner of Take a Picture of Me, James Van Der Zee! by and from Andrea J. Loney

Manju Howard
Winner of Twilight Chant (by Holly Thompson/Jen Betton) from Janie Reinart

Jennifer Hunt
Winner of a Submission Pass from agent Jenna Pocius

Amanda Sincavage
Winner of an illustrator copy of Twilight Chant by and from Jen Betton

Jennifer Broedel
Winner of Maya Lin or Mela the Elephant by and from Dow Phumiruk

Susanne Whitehouse
Winner of a picture book critique from Cindy Schrauben

Anne Louise Mahoney
Winner of a 3-book package by and from Salina Yoon

Gloria Reichert
Winner of a picture book critique from editor Christina Pulles

Dee Knabb
Winner of Poppy's Best Paper and a clay illustrated book by and from Susan Eaddy

Angela De Groot
Winner of Aaron Becker's Trilogy and signed print from editor Mary Lee Donovan

Congratulations to all of the bonus prize winners and again to all participants for gaining new knowledge!

Final Call for Submissions
As mentioned in last week's check in post, we would love to feature your reviews and mentor text perspectives in the remaining weeks of April. Please send reviews no later than April 17. Our submissions address can be found here.

Our regular Tuesday blog schedule will start again in May:
Author Studies- Digging deep into takeaways behind an author's collective work 
Featured Guests- Authors. Illustrators, Editors, Agents
Monthly Challenge- We challenge you (like ReFoReMo) to explore a featured element each month.
THINK QUICK interviews with Authors/Illustrators- Focus on underlying book themes

Thanks again for your participation and support!


  1. Thank you, again, for a fantastic month of learning! I'm so excited to have won a prize, too! Bonus!!! Thank you! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Congratulations to all the bonus winners! The month of ReFoReMo was a bonus prize to all of us!!! Thank you.

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  5. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks again for a great month!

  6. Thank you again for a wonderful ReFoReMo! Congratulations to the bonus winners

  7. Thanks again to everyone who contributed. I'm super excited to have won a prize as well!

  8. Congratulations to the winners :) This was a terrific month of guests bloggers with tips and advice! Thank you ReFoReMo team!

  9. Congratulations to all bonus winners!! This has been a fantastic ReFoReMo year all thanks to the ReFoReMo team of coordinators and presenters. Cheers to us all for making someone's day brighter by doing what we do.

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  12. Thanks for an incredible month! I'm honored to receive a critique from the incredible Keila Dawson!

  13. What a wonderful way to begin a week! I am extremely grateful to have won a critique with Christina Pulles and am looking forward to learning from her comments and suggestions. Thanks also to Carrie and Kirsti and their ReFoReMo team for a wonderful month of learning. We participants are so fortunate to have this opportunity to improve our skills.

  14. Hmm ideas to chew on and digest throughout the year. Thank thank you!

  15. Thank you for another great month of developing our research skills. Every year I learn a few more things about ways to look at mentor texts, and meet new PBs I had not yet read.

  16. Thank you for another ReFoReMo learnings. I will be digging deeper to understand and use the techniques and words used to create wonderful picture books. Carole Calladine

  17. Not only was it a month of reading thought-provoking blogs and incredible picture books, but I won a bonus prize. So appreciative! Thank you Thank you!

  18. Thanks so much! Always fun to read so much in so short a time, but I'm looking forward to revisiting some titles. Using the tips from the ebook I won will make it even more worthwhile. Thanks again.

  19. Wow, thank you so much! This was a great month of research, and I'm delighted to receive a new picture book for our collection! Congratulations to all of the other winners, and thanks again.

  20. Thanks again Carrie and Kirsti! ReFoReMo is such a great opportunity to learn from others and gain exposure to new titles! Thank you for all the hard work you and the entire 2018 team who contributed to another great year!