Tuesday, September 10, 2019

THINK QUICK with Corey Rosen Schwartz

Hi Corey! 

Congratulations on the release of TWO TOUGH TRUCKS next Tuesday! I love how this story shows that our differences help us connect with each other.  

All of the THINK QUICK themes below appear in your book.  Let’s see which way you lean.  Remember, THINK QUICK!

On trucks:
Fun to drive or terrified of driving them?


On friendship:
Many acquaintances or a few close friends?

A few close friends.

On Opposites attract:
True or false?


On Personality type:
Extrovert or Introvert?

Extrovert turned introvert

On State of Mind:
Anxious or Calm?

Anxious (I'd lie on this one, but you know me too well :)

On Learning:
Jump right in or Ease into it?

Jump right tin!

On complaining:
All the time or Never?

Um, often? (Gosh, I sound like such a curmudgeon. How do I have any friends at all?)

On writing rhyme:
A fun puzzle or a difficult challenge?

A super fun challenging puzzle!

On vehicle books:
Love them or leave them?

Love them!

On Two Tough Trucks:
Two Tough Trucks or Two Tough Trucks

Two Tough Trucks.

Kirsti's Review of TWO TOUGH TRUCKS

"Good grief, grumbled Mac. "My partner's a drag."
"That hotshot," said Rig. "He sure loves to brag."

TWO TOUGH TRUCKS is a story of teamwork and friendship despite differences.  This story is filled emotive illustrations, clever rhymes and two likable trucks.  I love how this story demonstrates how our different talents and characteristics can help us connect with others. Mac and Rig are opposites and that's what helps them work together in the end.  My son picked this book up as soon as he saw it, drawn in by the bright colors and topic!  It was a hit. This is a fantastic read aloud---I highly recommend it.

Corey is the author of THE THREE NINJA PIGS and several other rhyming picture books and fractured fairy tales. Corey has no formal ninja training, but she sure can kick butt in Scrabble. She lives with three Knuckleheads in Warren, NJ.  


  1. Vroom vroom! Zooming off to get my hands on this book! Congrats Corey!

  2. Fun quick interview! LOL. Congratulations!

  3. Love the eyebrows on those trucks. Makes me think that vehicle fans will be in for a truckin' escapade.

  4. Congrats, Corey! Love THE THREE NINJA PIGS! Although my sons are adults, they would have loved your new book TWO TOUGH TRUCKS. As I'm sure many will.