Tuesday, February 4, 2020

ReFoReMo 2020 Presenters Revealed!

We are so excited to reveal our 2020 Reading for Research Month (ReFoReMo) team of presenters! Every March, our annual online challenge immerses us in the craft of writing picture books by reading and analyzing them. Our 6th annual event registration opens on February 18, and the reading list will be revealed next week on February 11.

Introducing the 2020 ReFoReMo Presenters...

March 1 Author Cindy Williams Schrauben Prepares us for Research

Week One: Ten Books-a-Day Posts

March 2 ReFoReMo Day 1: Authors/Founders Kirsti Call and Carrie Charley Brown

March 3 ReFoReMo Day 2: Mentor Text Maven/Author Marcie Flinchum Atkins

March 4 ReFoReMo Day 3: Literary Advocate/Author Matthew Winner

March 5 ReFoReMo Day 4: Author Heidi E. Y. Stemple

March 6 ReFoReMo Day 5: Literary Advocate Susannah Richards

March 7-8: Happy Weekend!

Week Two: Five Books-a-Day Posts Begin

March 9 ReFoReMo Day 6: Editor Courtney Fahey, Little Bee

March 10 ReFoReMo Day 7: Literary Agent Rachel Orr, Prospect Literary

March 11 ReFoReMo Day 8: Author Rajani La Rocca

March 12 ReFoReMo Day 9: Author/Illustrator Gina Perry

March 13 ReFoReMo Day 10: Author Janie Reinart

March 14-15: Happy Weekend!

Week Three

March 16 ReFoReMo Day 11: Literary Agent Linda Camacho

March 17 ReFoReMo Day 12: Author Michelle Cusolito

March 18 ReFoReMo Day 13: Author Gaia Cornwall

March 19 ReFoReMo Day 14: Author/Illustrator Sarah Lynne Reul

March 20 ReFoReMo Day 15: Author Keila V. Dawson

March 21-22: Happy Weekend!

Week Four

March 23 ReFoReMo Day 16: Author Emma Otheguy

March 24 ReFoReMo Day 17: Author/Illustrator Jannie Ho

March 25 ReFoReMo Day 18: Author/Illustrator Jeanette Bradley

March 26 ReFoReMo Day 19: Author Anika Denise

March 27 ReFoReMo Day 20: Author Marcie Colleen

March 23-24: Happy Weekend!

Week 5: Wrapping Things Up

March 30: ReFoReMo Day 21: Founders/Authors Carrie Charley Brown and Kirsti Call

March 31: ReFoReMo Day 22: Thank Yous and Rafflecopters open

As traditions go, the fabulous Emily Arrow will kick off our celebration with her fabulous

ReFoReMo song! (If you have not yet experienced the music-literature bonds that Emily builds,

you won't want to miss out!)


  1. What an amazing group. I cant wait!!

  2. Thank you so much for putting this together for us!

  3. Such a fantastic resource for all of us! Thank you!

  4. Can't wait! What a great group with lots of info to cover!

  5. Excited to begin! Always a great month.

  6. Quite the line-up! Looking forward to March!

  7. Fabulous presenters! I look forward to this all year!!!

    1. Thanks, Judy! Hopefully, the mini challenges help tide you over each month til the big challenge arrives each March. :)

  8. Woohoo! I'm excited for this year's extravaganza of books and guidance. Thank you so much, Kirsti Call and Carrie Charley Brown.

  9. A great line-up as always. Thanks Carrie and Kirsti. Looking forward to March!

  10. This is going to be so fun! Can't wait.

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  12. Wonderful lineup! Looking forward to it! xo

  13. This will be my first time ReFoReMo-ing! Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. So exciting! What an amazing line up!


  15. I'm warming up my library card now and can't wait to read the posts from your exceptional list of presenters. Thank you for all the work you do to make this happen!

  16. Great way to celebrate my March birthday by participating in my first ReForMo!

  17. This year’s line up was great!