Tuesday, February 18, 2020

ReFoReMo 2020 Registration

ReFoReMo 2020 is officially open! We are excited to celebrate the reading-writing connection for the 6th year of this annual challenge.
ReFoReMo Badge Illustration by Lori Nawyn: https://lorinawyn.com/
ReFoReMo examines the art of making picture books through mentor texts and multiple perspectives from authors, illustrators, educators, and publishing professionals. Registration opens today and runs through March 2. From March 1-March 30, participants will be presented with many different ways to focus on picture books as mentor texts to inform the craft of writing.

During the challenge, we follow a reading list, but the follow-through is what counts the most. Will you adopt a regular reading and research routine to inform your writing? If your answer is yes, please read and follow the guidelines below to register.

1.   If you have not already, subscribe to this ReFoReMo blog by entering your email address into the opt-in box on the right-hand side. A Feedburner Email Subscription box will pop up. Type the captcha code listed at the bottom of the box and submit.  You will receive an email verification link in your inbox. Click the link to activate your subscription. This will enable you to receive the daily challenge posts as emails. If you already receive our emails, skip this step.

2.    At the bottom of this post, find the comment box. (If you received this registration post in your inbox today, you must click the title of the post first. That will take you to the website where our challenge takes place, and you'll find the comment box at the bottom of that post.) Enter your FIRST and LAST NAME in the comment box. Click on the "Publish" button. Comment only once, please. Be patient. With many people entering comments at once, it may take quite some time for you comment to show up in the comment section. Note: Registration is considered official through Monday, March 2 (for prize purposes).

If you experience difficulty leaving your comment, click this link for tips before requesting help in the ReFoReMo Facebook group. (If you are not yet a member of the FB group, you must request to be admitted to the private group. Please be patient with us during this busy time. Once you are admitted, you will find the registration post pinned to the top of our FB group wall. Enter your FIRST and LAST name in that comment thread only if you have tried our tips for commenting on the blog and were not successful.)

3.   We designed the ReFoReMo Facebook group  to build community and host discussions about picture books as mentor texts. We encourage you to discuss the perspectives and mentor texts as you read. Note: We understand that sometimes certain mentor texts are hard to find. However, we cannot support sharing video readings that break copyright laws. Look for readings created by the publisher or author.  

4.    Many of our presenters are generously offering prizes. They will be revealed during the posts. To be eligible, you must be registered by March 2, make efforts to consistently research mentor texts, and comment on every blog post from March 1-March 30. You must be on the blog to comment. Please do not reply to the posts via email.  We are on the honor system and therefore you will not need to post your results anywhere. To keep things simple, we will have only one Rafflecopter to enter on March 31 from which all winners will be drawn.

5.    You may post the ReFoReMo badge (above) on your site or social media. 
Please link it back to this address:  www.reforemo.com   For more beautiful illustrations and designs, visit the talented creator, Lori Nawyn

Our 2020 Reading List can be found here. Get a jump on reserving your books from the library now. When March 1st rolls around, it's go time! Read the posts and book recommendations. Take notes on how each perspective applies to your writing needs. You may come across the same mentor text more than once, but you’ll have the opportunity to study it in a new light. Particular elements may apply to you personally more than others. That may lead you to study additional mentor texts that are not on the list. Hooray, we say! Hooray! 

Take advantage of the break we offer on the weekends. Use that time to catch up or just rest. Utilize our research tools and start discussions in our Facebook Group. We are excited to share this educational experience with you and we hope it makes a difference in your writing!


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