Tuesday, June 9, 2020

THINK QUICK with Ruth Spiro

Hi Ruth! 

Congratulations on the release of your BABY LOVES THE FIVE SENSES series! I love how these stories combine simple text with expressive illustrations to explain complex science in a simple and engaging way.  

All of the THINK QUICK themes below appear in your book.  Let’s see which way you lean.  Remember, THINK QUICK!

On science:
Exciting or boring?

BORING! (At least, that’s what I thought when I was a kid. But once I discovered that science explains so many things we see around us every day, now I think it’s EXCITING!)

On biology:
Simple or complex?

Both! This is a trick question - Did you know food wouldn’t TASTE as good without your sense of SMELL? (It’s in the book!)

On taste:
Sweet or salty?

Sweet! I couldn’t imagine life without chocolate.

On smell:
Bread or flowers?

Bread. While I appreciate the smell of flowers, allergies sometimes make them difficult to enjoy.

On touch:
Soft or hard?

I’m a “softie."

On touch:
Dry or wet?

Wet. I love a day at the beach!

On touch:
Hot or cold?

Hot. (See my answer above!)

On babies:
Adorable or tolerable?


On books:
Baby Loves the Five Senses or Baby Loves the Five Senses?

Baby Loves ALL of the Five Senses!

Thank you, Ruth!

Kirsti's Review of Baby Love the Five Senses: Touch!

"How does Baby feel that something is
hard or soft?
wet or dry?
cold or warm?
He touches it"

I love Ruth Spiro's FIVE SENSES series. Expressive illustrations combine with simple text that explains the science in a concrete easy to understand and engaging way. TOUCH! describes how baby touches and feels laundry. I love how each of these books combines fun with teaching in a way that begs to be re-read!

Ruth Spiro is the author of the Baby Loves Science board book series, published by Charlesbridge. There are fifteen current and forthcoming titles including Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering, Baby Loves Coding and Baby Loves Gravity. This spring she continued her signature style of introducing complex subjects to little listeners with Baby Loves Political Science: Democracy!, a new series perfect for this election year and beyond.
Ruth’s STEM-themed picture book series, Made by Maxine (Dial), is about an inspiring young Maker who knows that with enough effort, imagination and recyclables, it’s possible to invent anything. Made by Maxine sold at auction as a three-book series, the second book will be published in Spring 2021.
A frequent speaker at schools and conferences, Ruth’s previous presentations include the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Colorado Book & Arts Festival, Maker Faire Milwaukee, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the World Science Festival. Ruth hopes her books inspire kids to observe the world, ask questions, and when it comes to their futures, DREAM BIG!





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  1. Fun quick interview! Congratulations!

  2. Those board books look so fun! Teachers, like myself, are going to gobble them up! And I'd love to here how you got into writing & publishing board books, Ms Spiro. Good luck!