Tuesday, August 18, 2020

ReFoReMo Mini-Monthly Writing Challenge: Birds of a Feather

The birdies have been leaving me little gifts of feathers on my morning walks. That gave me the 

idea for this month's challenge. You guessed it. Write a story about a feather.

By Farhana Zia

Farhana Zia is the author of Lali's Feather and comments about writing her book in this 

interview with Peachtree Publishing. Lali finds a feather in the field. Is little feather lost? Lali sets 

out to find it a home. When no one wants the little feather, Lali decides to keep it. Using her 

imagination cause the other birds to realize the value of the little feather. 

"Lali found a feather in the field. 

Whose feather? 

She did not know. 

It was a sweet feather, though.

Oo ma! Was little feather lost? 

Lali set out to find feather a home.


By Rachel Noble

Rachel Noble wrote Finn's Feather after the loss of her son. In an interview, Rachel said, "

think Finn’s Feather looks at grief in an innocent and tender way, but I also love that it looks at 

broader themes such as empathy and resilience–all children can benefit from Finn’s story."

Finn knows his brother is gone. But he also knows that Hamish sent the beautiful white feather

on his doorstep.Finn runs to shows his mother the feather from Hamish, but she only gives him a

big hug. In school, Finn’s teacher responds similarly. Why isn’t anyone as excited as he is?

Finn sits quietly, cradling the beautiful, amazing feather. “Why did Hamish give it to you?” asks

his friend, Lucas. “Maybe he wanted to say hi?” wonders Finn. “Maybe,” Lucas says, “Hamish

wanted you to have fun with it.”

By Mem Fox

"Long ago and far away, in a rambling garden beside a clear blue lake, two flocks of birds began

 to fear each other because of their differences. The fear grew, and soon the birds became

 enemies, hoarding great quantities of weapons to protect themselves--until panic struck and 

the chance for peace seemed lost forever."

"In a rambling garden, long ago and far away, there lived a pride of magnificent peacocks.

Nearby, in the rushes and reeds of a clear blue lake, dwelt a flock of elegant swans."

Take a walk to get ready for this challenge.  Who knows, you might find your own feather to 

write about.  Let your imagination fly away.  Happy writing.


  1. Great post! What a coincidence too! I've been "fostering" a baby goldfinch I saved from getting run over on a main road. I've been living and breathing feathers for 2 weeks. Yesterday was release day, and this birdie mama has been a mess of anxiety and what-ifs! I kept one of her baby feathers to remind me of my sweet Squeak - who successfully made it through her first night in the wild. She LOVES flying!

  2. Angie what a story! How wonderful❤️ What kinds of things did you do to feed and keep Squeak warm?

  3. Beautiful poem Janie <3 Thank you for sharing these lovely books to use as mentor texts. Birds and their feathers are always a delight.

  4. So many ways to write about feathers. I found a hawk feather in my yard yesterday. Perhaps a story...

  5. Great writing prompt! Love your poem.