Tuesday, August 11, 2020

THINK QUICK with Josh Funk

Hi Josh! Yay for SHORT AND SWEET! I love how the adventures of Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast continue in this 4th book that focuses on friendship and forgiveness.  

All of the THINK QUICK themes below appear in your book. Let’s see which way you lean. Remember, THINK QUICK!

On Breakfast foods:
Cereal or waffles?
My brain says cereal but my heart says waffles.

On pastries:
French toast or Pancakes?
I can't decide. That's like asking me to pick my favorite child.

On youth serums:
Essential or superfluous?

On friendship:
Many acquaintances or few close friends?
Many acquaintances.

On adventure:
Love it or leave it?
Loave it. 

On forgiveness:
Immediate or it takes a few days?
I wish it was immediate, but it takes a few days.

On Mistakes:
Apologize or ignore?
Definitely apologize.

On Failure:
Try again or take a break?
Try again. Try again. Try again. Take a break. Try again.

On Sequels:
Better than the original or they just keep coming?
Better and better.

On Books:
Short and Sweet or Short and Sweet?
Long and savory.

About Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast: SHORT & SWEET.

Josh Funk is a software engineer and the author of books like the Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast series, the It's Not a Fairy Tale series, the How to Code with Pearl and Pascal series, the A Story of Patience & Fortitude series, Dear Dragon, Pirasaurs!, Albie Newton, and more. For more information about Josh Funk, visit him at www.joshfunkbooks.com and on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook at @joshfunkbooks.


  1. Josh's humor and variety of writing styles are always inspiring! Can't wait to read this newest.

  2. So when an editor says that they're starting to see strong pushback against anthropomorphized characters, we know they're not talking about this series. Perhaps the key is heart? Congrats to Josh on a 4th!

  3. Josh, congrats on the 4th! Looking forward to reading your new book!

  4. So happy for another in this fun series. Keep 'em coming!