Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Three Types of Picture Books Editors Really Love

What do editors want? As writers we find this question perplexing. We puzzle over our manuscripts and study mentor texts.  

I read hundreds of fiction picture books every year as a Cybils judge.This reading helps me better understand what editors really want. 

Here are three types of fiction picture books books that are trending in 2020...

1. Diverse
Reading these diverse picture books is an evocative way to learn about different cultures and beliefs. 

2. Social Emotional Books
These social emotional books are especially useful for kindling discussions and process pandemic-induced challenges.  

3. Educational and Issue Driven
These engaging and informative books make curious children want to learn more, and we can all use that now that remote learning is the norm. 

What diverse, social emotional, educational/issue driven books do you love?



  1. Great list of fiction books, Kirsti...and thanks for highlighting categories that editors have been acquiring.

  2. A tight summary. I’m going to read these texts snd model after them.

  3. Diverse: Beautiful Shades of Brown and Educational For Spacious Skies both by Nancy Churnin

  4. Southwest Sunrise is Social emotional by Nikki Grimes

  5. This is a great list. I adore In a Jar. And I get to pick up Welcoming Elijah tomorrow at the library. Thanks for sharing these books!