Tuesday, February 2, 2021

ReFoReMo 2021 Presenters Revealed

ReFoReMo Badge Illustration by Lori Nawyn: https://lorinawyn.com/

Are you ready? It’s reveal time for our 7th-annual 2021 Reading for Research Month (ReFoReMo) team of presenters! Every March, our annual online challenge immerses us in the craft of writing picture books through reading and analyzing them as mentor texts. Our 2021 registration opens on February 16, and the reading list will be revealed next week on February 9.

Introducing the 2021 ReFoReMo Presenters...

Week One- Ten Books-a-Day Posts

March 1 ReFoReMo Day 1: Authors/Founders Kirsti Call and Carrie Charley Brown

March 2 ReFoReMo Day 2: Mentor Text Maven/Writer Marcie Flinchum Atkins

March 3 ReFoReMo Day 3: Podcaster/Author Matthew Winner

March 4 ReFoReMo Day 4: Author Heidi E.Y. Stemple

March 5 ReFoReMo Day 5: Literary Advocate Susannah Richards


March 6-7 Happy Weekend!

Week Two- Five Books-a-Day Posts Begin

March 8 ReFoReMo Day 6: Literary Agent/Author Kaitlyn Sanchez

March 9 ReFoReMo Day 7: Author Traci Sorell 

March 10 ReFoReMo Day 8: Author/Illustrator Don Tate

March 11 ReFoReMo Day 9: Author Erin Dionne

March 12 ReFoReMo Day 10: Author Janie Reinart


March 13-14 Happy Weekend!

Week Three 


March 15 ReFoReMo Day 11: Literary Agent/Author Joyce Sweeney

March 16 ReFoReMo Day 12: Author Todd Tarpley


March 17 ReFoReMo Day 13: Author Hayley Barrett

March 18 ReFoReMo Day 14: Author Corey Rosen Schwartz

March 19 ReFoReMo Day 15: Author Keila V. Dawson


March 20-21 Happy Weekend!

Week Four

March 22  ReFoReMo Day 16: Literary Agent/Author Miranda Paul

March 23  ReFoReMo Day 17: Author/Poet Carole Boston Weatherford

March 24  ReFoReMo Day 18: Author Lauren Kerstein

March 25  ReFoReMo Day 19: Author Sue Ganz Schmitt

March 26: ReFoReMo Day 20: Author Cindy Williams Schrauben


March 27-28 Happy Weekend!

Week 5:  Last Push! Wrapping Things Up

March 29: ReFoReMo Day 21: Author/Librarian Kathy Halsey

March 30: ReFoReMo Day 22: Author Joana Pastro

March 31: ReFoReMo Day 23: Founders Carrie Charley Brown and Kirsti Call Bring it Back to Your Writing and Rafflecopters open!

As traditions go, let's allow the fabulous Emily Arrow to exercise her golden voice, kicking off our ReFoReMo celebration in true songstress style! (If you have not yet experienced the music-literature bonds that Emily builds, you won't want to miss out!)


  1. Wot, giddy to be in this lineup with all these smart kid lit peeps! Let ReFoReMo begin!!

  2. Sounds amazing! Looking forward to REFOREMO!

  3. Amazing...I almost sang AMAZing with a lilt in my voice. I hope you could hear it. Thank you!

  4. I can't believe it! I actually have time this year to participate!! I've added it to my calendar and counting down the days...woot! Woot!

  5. So excited to participate again this year!

    I appreciate everyone involved to make this a wonderful learning experience.

  6. WOOT!! What a lineup for 2021! Thank you to all the folks who work so hard to bring ReFoReMo to the kid lit community. I'm looking forward to sharing this amazing event.

    1. I will speak for all of our presenters in saying you are welcome! Learn lots!

  7. I am excited for this! It's been a while and I have missed ReFoReMo! Great lineup!

  8. whoo-hoo! I'm already stockpiling my books! What a great line-up!

  9. Fantastic - Emily's lovely voice has made me feel all fluffy and ready to read! Thanks

  10. Such as catchy tune and full of motivation.
    Jeannette Suhr

  11. Cute song! Next time I'll sing with you Emily!

  12. So happy to be part of this! I read so many books this month that I never would have otherwise read. Found new favorites, mentor texts, comps, fabulous authors, and great tips in the posts! ReFoReMo will definitely be part of my annual writing plan :)