Tuesday, July 20, 2021

ReFoReMo Mini-Monthly Writing Challenge: Don't Be Chicken!

 By Janie Reinart

                                                 Check out Chicken Dance by Tammi Sauer

My baby sister is twelve years younger than I am. When I first got married, we gave her a chicken from my husband's classroom.  That chicken followed my sister around like a dog. If you turned over rocks, that chicken would grab the worms. That chicken was also a watch chicken.  

One night, when my brother was in high school, he came in past his curfew. My dad was a very light sleeper. My brother managed to turn the lights off on his car, coast down the driveway, and tiptoe into the house. He was almost home free. That chicken was in a terrarium in the dining room. You guessed it. The watch chicken had a lot to say like in the book, Chick Chat. That chicken alerted the whole house when my brother came home. Don't be chicken, your challenge is to write a story about these birds. 

                                                                 Chick Chat by Janie Bynum

                                                                                  By Atinuke

Lami is the best chicken catcher, until the day she chases a chicken up the baobab tree, and reaches too far   . . .ow! How can she catch chickens with an ankle that that looks like an "angry lizard"? Nana Nadia encourages Lami to use her problem solving skills. "Quick thinking is more important than quick running." This story celebrates Nigerian village life.  

"This is Lami.

Lami loves chickens.

Luckily, Lami lives in a compound...

with lots and lots of chickens.

Catch'am Lami!Catch'am!"

shouts brother Bilal.

                                                                          By Jane Kurtz

"Urban backyard chickens go on a madcap tour of the city in this rhyming romp. . . the narrative bounces off the tongue. The marker-bright illustrations are frenetic and filled with humorous details."--Kirkus Reviews

Information in the back matter contains fun facts about chickens. 

"Chickens breaking loose. 

Chicken's on the lam.

Zipping from the yard

as quickly as they can."

Don't forget the classic folk tale of The Little Red Hen! The hen keeps asking the duck, a cat, and the dog for help planting some wheat. When she get no takers, she does everything herself including eating the bread. Share your favorite chicken stories in the comments. 

I won't make a peep. Start scratching out your story. Good luck.


  1. HA! Love this post and challenge! Thank you Janie for the inspiration to what other chicken stories could be lurking around the coop!

    1. Kim, you are welcome . I’m sure you will be crowing about a story soon. 😊

  2. I'm cooking up a chicken story. Stay tuned.

  3. I'm squawking about this fun prompt and the mentor texts. you share. Ty, Janie.

  4. Thanks, Kathy. Doing the chicken dance with you.❤️

  5. This sounds fun. My grandma had a mean chicken. He'd be great in a story.

  6. LOL--Janie, this is a terrific clucking post. Picking and pecking my brain matter for some chicken feed! BWAK!

  7. Oh, good list! I do have a chicken story I've been working on, so this list will help me out. :) Thanks!