Tuesday, July 27, 2021

THINK QUICK with Author Katie Frawley

Hi Katie! Congratulations on your recent release of Tabitha and Fritz Trade Places! I love the way this book celebrates different routines and lifestyles. And honestly, it’s just so much fun! All of the THINK QUICK themes and events below appear in your book. Let’s see which way you lean. Remember… THINK QUICK!

On Changes:

Blow caution to the wind or proceed with caution?

Proceed with caution!

I know that’s the boring nerd answer, but I am a naturally risk-averse person. That’s the fun of being a writer. I can put my characters in ALL SORTS of ridiculous situations I would assiduously avoid in real life.


On Adventures:

Jump in with two feet or dip a toe in first?

Two feet!

I know that contradicts my previous answer, but that was on the subject of CHANGES (which seem like long term propositions). ADVENTURES, on the other hand, are meant to be enjoyed full tilt! (Am I being too literal and weird with these answers? HA!)


On Community-Based Online Platforms:

Try them all or stick with recommendations?

Try them all!

I’d actually like to qualify that response by saying FIND WHAT FITS. I am a big believer that online platforms and social media should serve YOU rather than you serving them. If Twitter or Facebook or Snap-tok, or tik-house, or WHATEVER is a net negative in your life…drop it. I am still learning to set boundaries that are most beneficial for me. I actually really enjoy Twitter as long as I stick to the wonderful #WritingCommunity and #KidLit folks. If I get sucked into the Twitter cesspool of ugliness, it’s not healthy for my brain. Find what works and SET LIMITS!


On Cannonballs:

Make a big splash or make big waves?

Oooooh. I like this one. BIG WAVES!

I remember going to a water park called Atlantis when I was a kid. They had a biiiiiiig wave pool. I sat in that thing in my inner tube the whole darn time. I can still feel the lift and dip of the waves. Loved it.


On Guests:

Give them the royal treatment or teach them the routine?

I’m going to fall somewhere in between on this.

I don’t think you should completely upend your life for out-of-towners, but a few choice experiences (a nice dinner, a great cultural attraction, a little-known gem in your town) should be tossed into the mix.


On Trying New Things:

Be like Mikey…take a taste or feed it to the cat?

HA! Definitely taste! I love trying new foods. And I’ve passed down my enthusiasm for different fare to my kiddos. They are GREAT about trying new foods. I tell them, they have to try, but they don’t have to swallow. I think that takes out some of the scariness of tasting things. What do I care if they spit a bite of sushi into my hand? They might just end up loving it! (And for the record, my kids do indeed like sushi!)


On Getting in Trouble:

Make more or make a change?

Make a change.

Here I go again with my risk-averse nature. I’m a believer that happiness is a choice. That’s part of the idea behind my book. You can choose to be dissatisfied with your life, or you can choose to love it! If your choices are making your life harder, make different choices.


On Being Homesick:

Live in the past or live in the present?

Present! Always present!

Your home will be there waiting for you. It’s not going anywhere. So if you are lucky enough to be on an adventure in a new place, try to soak it up!


On Friends:

Make room for more or stick to your circles?

I’m a “stick to your circles” gal. Like many writers, I am an introvert, so social situations are extremely draining for me. I have a small circle of friends, and that’s enough for me. But I WILL say we should always make room for kindness. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone who crosses your path, but there’s always room for kindness.


On Books: (wink, wink)

Tabitha and Fritz Trade Places or Tabitha and Fritz Trade Places?

Oh. Hmmm. This is a tough one. I think…IT’S A TIE!!!

Tabitha And Fritz Trade Places AND Tabitha And Fritz Trade Places!!!!!


Carrie’s Review of Tabitha and Fritz Trade Places

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to experience life in someone else’s shoes, then Tabitha and Fritz Trade Places is the story for you! While reading, I thought of past movies and TV shows, and even life experiences such as foreign exchange students meet Wife Swap (TV) meets Freaky Friday or Big (movies.)  But I love how Katie chose to feature animals instead of humans! Kitty-cat pet Tabitha trades places with jungle elephant Fritz! How fun is that? The underlying message and theme is infused so seamlessly that kids will not realize at all that they are walking in someone else’s shoes, too. Who knows? They might even decide to try something new or see someone else’s culture through new eyes. That’s just a bonus! Character and entertainment come first here in both the story and illustrations, which feature lots of hidden details and an exciting color palette. It’s really a perfect marriage of art and words! 

Katie Frawley studied English at the University of Florida (GO GATORS!) and earned a Master’s degree in British and American literature from Florida Atlantic University. Before having children, she had the distinct honor of teaching English to rowdy teenagers. When not banging away on the keyboard, Katie can be found testing new recipes with her miniature sous chefs, shooing iguanas away from her garden, or reading picture books to a captive audience on the couch. Katie lives in South Florida with her husband and five children. Follow her website and on Twitter @KatieFrawley1.

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