Tuesday, August 3, 2021

THINK QUICK with Kirsti Call and Corey Rosen Schwartz

We've come to Day 7, the last of our Goodbye ReFoReMo Celebration, and we have some exciting news. The spirit of ReFoReMo will March On through a new free challenge coordinated by author and editor Lynne Marie! In true ReFoReMo fashion it will take place every March and celebrate the education that mentor texts provide. You will find details about the March On Challenge at this link as they unfold. We are thrilled to pass the baton to Lynne! (And we might even see you there...wink, wink!)

But now, it is time to say goodbye to ReFoReMo. And what better way to go out than to THINK QUICK with my ReFoReMo partner, Kirsti Call? She has a brand new book coming out in October with author Corey Rosen Schwartz.  So, here they are...let's welcome them!

Hi Corey and Kirsti! 

Congratulations on your upcoming October release of Cold Turkey! I love the way this book celebrates compassion, giving, and gratefulness with doses of humor, too! All of the THINK QUICK themes and events below appear in your book. Let’s see which way you lean. 

Remember… THINK QUICK!

On Helping Others:

Help yourself or others first?

Kirsti and Corey: If I were Turkey, I’d help others first.

On Giving:

Give everything you have or in moderation?

Kirsti: Again, if I were Turkey, I’d give everything.
Corey: Depends on who I’m giving to.

On Compassion:
Put yourself in their shoes or wear the shoes?

Kirsti and Corey: Give them more shoes?

On Being Cold:
Cover your head or feet first?

Kirsti: I always like to plunge headfirst—so hats are essential.
Corey: My feet! Always sleep in socks, even in the summer.

On Quitting:
Cold turkey or a little at a time?

Kirsti and Corey: Cold turkey, definitely.

On Farm Animals:
Turkeys or cows?

Kirsti: Both are mooovelous!
Corey: Cows. No moo-stake about it.

On Friends:
Treat others how you like to be treated or how they like to be treated?

Kirsti and Corey: Both.

On Winter Weather:
Bring extra layers or just bundle up?

Kirsti: I’m always c-c-cold, so I always b-b-bundle up.
Corey: Bring lots of extra layers so I can share if necessary.

On Teamwork:
Every little bit counts or equal shares?

Kirsti: If we were talking about food, I’d try not to gobble more than my equal share. But, for teamwork, every little bit counts!
Corey: Every little bit counts.

On Books: (wink, wink)
Cold Turkey or Cold Turkey?

Both: C-c-cold Turkey!

Carrie’s Review of Cold Turkey
This catchy title delves beyond the expected! Featuring super cold barnyard buddies who warm up to one very giving turkey, perfect rhyme, and udderly humorous illustrations (a cow with an udder-scarf? I’m sold!), this story is sure to prompt kids to beg for the reread. And it S-S-SUPER f-f-fun to read aloud, whether your c-c-cold or not!

Kirsti Call co-hosts the PICTURE BOOK LOOK podcast and co-runs ReFoReMo. She’s a critique ninja and elf for 12×12, a blogger for Writers’ Rumpus, and a Rate Your Story judge. She’s judged the CYBILS award for fiction picture books since 2015. She's a therapist trained life coach for creatives and she's the author of MOOTILDA’S BAD MOOD (Little Bee), COW SAYS MEOW (HMH) and COLD TURKEY (Little Brown) which release on October 12th! Kirstine has an MSW from Boston College and is represented by Charlotte Wenger at Prospect Agency.


Corey Rosen Schwartz is the author of The Three Ninja Pigs, Ninja Red Riding Hood, and many other rhyming picture books.  Corey hates the c-c-cold and spends winters c-c-curled up with a good book.  She lives in New Jersey but dreams of one day moving to the Caribbean. 


Web site: www.coreyrosenschwartz.com

Twitter: @CoreyPBNinja

With that, the ReFoReMo blog and challenge says its final goodbye! 

Keep writing reviews, analyzing mentor texts, and writing what makes your heart happy!

Love always,

Carrie Charley Brown & Kirsti Call


  1. Carrie and Kirsti, what a fun book, COLD TURKEY! Congrats to you and Corey. BRAVO.

  2. Great news! Thanks so much for all your ideas and inspiration over the years!

  3. This is why I love you two - dueling responses for your COLD TURKEY preview! Waiting for my copy to arrive this fall!

    Adieu ReFoReMo and see you in March at RYS!

  4. You two are the best - and so are your books. Thank you for giving so much to the kidlit community!!

  5. Congratulations Kirsti and Corey! So looking forward to a serving of cold turkey! It's so heartening to read that Lynne Marie will carry on the legacy of Carrie, Kirsti and the amazing ReFoReMo spirit! Thank you everyone!!

  6. Kids will gobble up your latest picture book, Kirsti & Corey. Thanks, Kirsti & Carrie for all of the insightful posts these past several years!

  7. I guess that's the cycle of life...beginnings and endings and beginnings and...
    Your ReFoReMo posts were so important to me when I started writing picture book manuscript, Kirsti and Carrie...I'm so glad that Lynne Marie is picking up the baton and running with it for our kid lit community!
    And congrats on the book, Kirsty and Corey...looks like so much fun!

  8. I'm so excited for this book from you both, Corey and Kirsti. You are an incredible picture book team! And thanks to you, Kirsti and Carrie, for all the work your team has done to inspire so many writers.

  9. Fun post! Best wishes and many thanks to all of you!

  10. Thank you again for the years of learning!

  11. This has been a wonderful blog. Thank you both so much!

  12. Learned so much from you all - thank you!

  13. Cold Turkey sounds, and looks, delightful.
    Looking forward to what Lynn Marie has in store.

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