ReFoReMo Mission

The ReFoReMo Challenge, or Reading for Research Month Challenge, was founded in 2015 to help picture book writers reform writing by reading and researching mentor texts in the month of March.  The challenge is supported by educators, authors, illustrators, editors, and literary agents in addition to  a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction picture book recommendations. We welcome classrooms, educators, writers, illustrators, and publishing professionals to learn with us.

It is necessary to read a wide variety of picture books to truly understand the form, the market, and the craft of writing them.  The goal of ReFoReMo is to build reading background while learning how to use mentor texts. 
After reading the daily online posts, participants will read picture books and apply the things they learn to their own writing. In the month of March, the big goal will be to read on a daily basis, aiming for five each day and a total of 105 picture books. However, emphasis will be on quality rather than quantity. Consistency is key.  Some writers will want to spend more time with certain books than others while researching.
Registration for the 2021 ReFoReMo challenge is opens from February 16- March 1. Fully registered participants will have an opportunity to enter prize drawings at the conclusion of ReFoReMo. Our private Facebook Group is open to all picture book writers and illustrators. This is where we share literary revelations and start picture book/blog post discussions.

Weekly blog posts continue throughout the year and offer consistent mentor text support.

Regular Reading for Research Blog Schedule (April-January) will include:

Perfect Pairs by Keila V. Dawson or Author Studies by Kathy Halsey 
Mini Monthly ReFoReMo Challenge- Similar to a ReFoReMo post, Janie Reinart will challenge you to study and write, focusing on one element each month.

Kirsti Call and Carrie Charley Brown feature publishing professionals:
THINK QUICK Interviews- Focused on underlying book-themes
Mentor Text Talk Interviews- Focused on how a professionals use mentor texts to learn more

ReFoReMo Challenge posts run March 1-March 31.

To subscribe for updates, look for the opt-in form on the right. Participants have deemed ReFoReMo as a detailed, hands-on, month-long class for picture books writers. It
will always be a free event and provide continued education year-round. Since it requires a great deal of our time and energy, we ask that you consider supporting our books and services, which are linked at the bottom of this page. We are thrilled to have you as part of our ReFoReMo family and want to continue offering great content and education. Your support makes that possible. Thank you!

Best wishes on your quest for learning and
welcome to the ReFoReMo Community!

Carrie & Kirsti
Your ReFoReMo Coordinators

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