Research Tools

Picture books are your main tools for this challenge.  They will serve as our mentor texts.  Please feel free to start gathering books now that apply to your current works in progress.  The library is your best resource, but sometimes the newest are at the bookstore. You should be able to read at either place and when you can’t find a book, sometimes you might get lucky and find a storytelling on You Tube. We encourage you to respect the copyright and use only those that are approved by the publishers and creators. The Epic! digital platform might have some available, although many of the books on our list are pretty new. But it's free for educators! If you are not a teacher, it's free for 30 days, and then very cheap afterward. They continue to add books. While this is not the same thing as holding a book in your hand, it can still help. Do you know some picture book writers in your area? Get together and swap books!

The 2021 reading list can be accessed here. Many library systems have inter-library loan, so please inquire if your branch does not have the book you desire.  We’ll begin daily studies on March 1. Don’t worry if you can’t get all of the titles. Just work with what you have and add titles that apply to your current works in progress.

Have fun personalizing your notebook.  Take a few moments to write your research goals in the front of of your notebook. You may also choose to dedicate several pages as a running list of the books you read. Proceed each day after to take research notes on the books you choose to explore. For more details on what a writer needs, visit this post by ReFoReMoer Janie Reinert.

Our private Facebook Group is open to all picture book writers and illustrators!  Interacting with one another through discussion, questions, and recommendations is a valuable tool!

Designed by Carrie Charley Brown

You will find a pdf of this graphic organizer, along with many thematic concept research lists and tracking sheets in the files section of the ReFoReMo Facebook Group.

You will also find a mentor text evaluation sheet in the original tools section of our first website.

Find resources at Carrie On...Writing! and Ongoing Resources
Additional resources may be listed here as they are sighted in posts.

-Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul
-The Nuts And Bolts Guide to Writing Picture Books by Linda Ashman