Authors, Illustrators, and Publishing Professionals
Do you have a recent traditionally published book that you would like us to consider for review? Or maybe you would like to be considered for an interview on the Reading for Research blog? Perhaps you would like to be considered as a future ReFoReMo presenter? Contact Carrie or Kirsti

Revealing ReFoReMo Series for ReFoReMo Participants
We are so impressed with the hard work you have put into ReFoReMo.  Congratulations on your success!  Your experiences need to be shared.  The Revealing ReFoReMo series is open to ReFoReMo participants who are interested in sharing the glory of mentor texts, research methods, specific revelations, or anything else related to your ReFoReMo experience. Submissions should be 600 words or less (including your 50 word or less bio) and attached as a .doc or .docx.  If your submission is chosen, you will also be asked for a jpeg headshot and any other .jpeg images you would like to feature.  To be considered for online publication at the ReFoReMo blog, please send your submission to Carrie or Kirsti.  We are excited to feature your experiences!